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At ARTEL PRIME APARTMENTS, aesthetically demanding people live in the midst of designer furniture and photographic art that is unique in the world.


Basic package 6 to 11 months rental period:

You live together with a top work of internationally acclaimed photographic artist Christian Tagliavini in your living room.


Additional option for long-term tenants from 12 to 17 months rental period:

With a fixed long-term rental of 12 to 17 months, you have the opportunity to select your personal favorite work by the globally acclaimed artist Christian Tagliavini from our collection for the duration of your rental period. Upon renewal for at least another fixed 12 months rental period, we will gladly exchange the work for another work by this artist from our collection.


Limited special offer for ultra long-term renters 18 months and more:

With a fixed long-term rental of at least 18 months, you have the option of choosing another work by the world-famous photo artist Jean-Baptiste Huynh (Master of Light) from our collection for your bedroom for the duration of your rental period. If the rental period is extended by at least a further 12 months, we will be happy to exchange the work for another work by this artist from our collection.


The ARTEL Apartments offer a high-quality, sophisticated home for short and long-term renters.


Bookings will soon be possible through this website. You can currently find further booking options here .


A few reviews from our guests:

Ricardo, UK: Well-appointed apartment in a quiet neighborhood. David is polite and efficient. The chef's knife was sharp and the whole place was clean. I highly recommend it for your stay in Zurich!


Ralph, UAE: Great host, great location and clean and modern apartment with a balcony.


Ian, USA: Thanks so much for hosting me this week! The apartment was exactly what I was looking for during my stay in Zurich. The apartment is cozy and modern, the location is great, and funny enough, I feel that the electronic locks made life noticeably easier. All of this came together to help me feel perfectly at home here in Zurich. I know I'll be back to Zürich within the year, and I'm sure I'll be looking to stay in your apartment again. Thanks!


Martin, UK: It is as described a stylish apartment in District 4. Good location to explore the area, near to the trams and the train station. Very good communication, easy to check in and out, wifi is blisteringly quick, and the washing facilities on 5th floor brand new.

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